Commercial Clear Acrylic Sheets

Cell cast acrylics are the most widely used of all acrylic types in today’s market. It’s superb clarity, rigidity and surface hardness makes it the ideal choice for a multitude of signage, glazing and building applications. Cell cast acrylic is available in a wide range of opaque and translucent colours and are available in a variety of sheet sizes and thickness.

  • excellent optical clarity
  • range of opaque and translucent colours
  • 10-17 times greater impact than glass
  • excellent weather ability
  • easily fabricated and glued
  • high surface hardness
  • can be flame polished, foil stamped, screenprinted and painted
  • sheets can be thermoformed using typical strip heating, vacuum forming, pressure moulding and blow forming processes. Longer, cool down times may be required to avoid cracking
  • typical applications for signage and displays – directional & pylon signage, POS displays, lolly dispensing units, menu holders, display cabinets
  • typical applications building and glazing – moulded skylights, car windshields & bonnet protectors, window glazing, machine guards, sight glasses, barrel vaults, furniture inserts, aquariums & fish tanks